Welcome to the IBF U21 World Championships in Helsingborg 2022

The Under 21 World Championships in Helsingborg starts on Tuesday 21th of june. Here you can find timetable, competition info and info about tickets.

For ticktets to IBF U21 World Championships 2022 contact by email: u21wcsweden@gmail.com

Competition info 



IBF U21 World Championships 2022 – Timetable 21 - 29th june

June 21th
09.30 Singles women squad 1
13.00 Singles women squad 2
16.30 Singles women squad 3

June 22th
09.30 Singles men squad 1
13.00 Singles men squad 2
16.30 Singles men squad 3

June 23th
09.30 Singles men squad 4
13.00 Singles matchplay women
15.30 Singles matchplay men

June 24th
09.30 Doubles women squad 1
12.30 Doubles women squad 2
15.30 Doubles women squad 3

June 25th
09.30 Doubles men squad 1
12.30 Doubles men squad 2
15.30 Doubles men squad 3
18.30 Doubles men squad 4

June 26th
09.30 Doubles matchplay women
12.00 Doubles matchplay men
14.30 Team men squad 1
17.30 Team men squad 2

June 27th
09.30 Team women squad 1
12.30 Team matchplay men
15.30 Team matchplay women

June 28th
09.30 Mixed squad 1
12.30 Mixed squad 2
15.30 squad 3
18.30 Mixed matchplay

June 29th
09.30 Singles semifinal women and men
10.30 Singles final men
11.30 Singles final women
12.30 Doubles S/F women and men
13.30 Doubles final women
14.30 Doubles final men
15.30 Team S/F men and women
16.30 Team final men
17.30 Team final women
18.30 Mixed semifinal
19.30 Mixed final


The Under 21 World Championship in Helsingborg, Sweden, arranged on the 20-29 of June. It will be the first time since 1967 a World Championship in bowling is arranged in Sweden. The event is hosted and organized by the Swedish Bowling Federation, Olympia Bowling which is the venue for the Championships and the city of Helsingborg.

On Wednesday this week the Secretary-General of the Swedish Bowling Federation, Peter Hodor, had a meeting with the local organizer and the two main partners for the Under 21 World Championship, Event in Skåne and Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau.

– The preparations for the event are going according to plan and it’s clear that this will be an amazing event in a fantastic city. The city of Helsingborg during the summer is Sweden at it's best and we think that the participating teams will have a great time during their stay, says Peter Hodor.

The Olympia Bowling is the venue for the Championships.

From the beginning the event should have been arranged in 2020 but due to the pandemic it has been postponed twice. Peter Hodor is happy that the event now can be carried out without restrictions.

– A championship like this is what we all deserve after two years of sacrifises during the pandemic and I hope that as many federations as possible take the chance to send their teams to Helsingborg.

The event is open for all member federations to send four male and four female athletes to participate in the following categories:

Singles (Four athletes)

Doubles (Two Doubles)

Team (One Team)

Mixed Team (Two Teams)

Read more about the event and register here. 

Linus Wirén   08 april 2022 16:57