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Two newcomers to the men´s national team

05 MAJ 2011 13:21
National team coach Tomas Leandersson has announced the Swedish team for Men´s European Championship in Munich in June. There are two newcomers to the team, 20-year-old Johan Helldén and 31-year-old Karl Wahlgren will make their first appearances in the men´s national team.
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Joining them will be Robert Andersson, Martin Larsen, Dennis Eklund and Martin Paulsson.

"It is a team with a mixture of experience and future. I expect that we will win medals in Munich," Tomas Leandersson said. "We have a three-year-plan which will take us to the World Championships in Las Vegas in 2013. Hopefully we are now creating stronger competition within our team, there are several strong players who were excluded this time, but I expect them to continue their efforts for a comeback on our national team", Leandersson said.

The Swedish team will consist of the following players: Robert Andersson, Team Pergamon, Gothenburg Dennis Eklund, Stureby BK, Stockholm Johan Helldén, Team Pergamon, Gothenburg Martin Larsen, Team Pergamon, Gothenburg Martin Paulsson, Kulladals BS, Malmö Karl Wahlgren, IS Göta, Helsingborg.

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