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Sweden: Sundbyberg and Spader Dam are new national team champions

11 MAJ 2010 17:08
After winning seven straight national league championships, Team Pergamon had to settle for a bronze medal when the Swedish 8-player team league finals were played at Bowling Arena in Jönköping.
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New champions are the Sundbyberg team from the Stockholm area with former multiple world champion Anders Öhman, national team players Dennis Eklund and Erik Andersin, former internationals Tobias Karlsson and Mikael Kanold, and Finnish star Petteri Salonen among others.
“We won the league championship eight years ago, but Swedish league bowling has been transformed since then as Team Pergamon entered the game. It is almost like another sport today with much higher demands if you want to win medals,” said Anders Öhman.
“This win means a lot more as we finally were able to defeat Pergamon, it was really a strong performance,” said Öhman.

Since Team Pergamon won their first title in 2003, the star-filled club from Gothenburg has been almost unbeatable. Winning seven straight championships, they played 38 play off games, winning 37 and losing only one (in 2003). Not only Swedish top players such as Tomas Leandersson, Martin Larsen, Robert Andersson and Peter Ljung have been part of their dominance, Osku Palermaa and Tore Torgersen, both living in the Gotenburg area, are regulars on the team and sometimes international stand-outs Jason Belmonte, Lasse Lintilä and Tim Mack have been on the championship roaster.

Team Pergamon entered this year´s finals having won 32 straight play off games. This run came to an end as Pergamon had to settle for a draw in their first game against Kulladal from Malmoe. Kulladal has included five Danish national team players in their team, led by World Championship Masters silver medallist Jesper Agerbo.
In their next match Team Pergamon was defeated by Sundbyberg in a very close game. This set up a final series (best of 3) between Sundbyberg and Kulladal. It turned out be a very close title match with both teams averaging 205.5 on the challenging WTBA short oil pattern Sydney (33 fet). After a draw in the first match, Sundbyberg took an early lead and were able to secure the title in the second match.

The top three teams included a lot of players with international experience, and they are used to figure out which material to use and how to carry on the short oil pattern. This is usually also where Team Pergamon makes a difference, but not this time. Sundbyberg had the best carry and it was rewarded with a longed for gold medal.
“Something happened which we are not used to. Our opponents solves the lane much better than us. We hit okay but can´t knock down all ten pins,” writes Pergamon star Martin Larsen on his home page www.martinlarsen.se

“If it was the choice of balls, the lines we played or ball speed, I don´t really know. Their solutions were better and we couldn´t keep up with them,” explains Martin.

In the women´s finals Spader Dam (Queen of Spade) from Helsingborg won their third straight title, defeating Team X-Calibur from Gothenburg in the championship match.
Some of the top Swedish ladies, Helén Johnsson and Malin Glendert, teamed with European ranking Champion Kamilla Kjeldsen among others to win the championship, which was the 10th national team title for Spader Dam overall.
Team X-Calibur includes such fine players as Nina Flack and international stars Patricia Schwarz and Nicki Ainge.

The Swedish Team Championship is an 8-player team league. Each team is divided into four doubles. Each of them bowls four games, one each against the four opposing doubles. The winning Doubles in each match receive one point. Four rounds of four matches makes 16 points.

In addition, the total pinfall of all eight players in each round will add up and the winning team receives one extra point. With a total of 20 points at stakes (16 plus 4), a team needs 11 points to win a match.

Results of the national league finals at Bowling Arena, Jönköping.
Men, first round:
Team Pergamon-Kulladal 10-10
Domino-Sundbyberg 3-17
Sundbyberg-Team Pergamon 12-8
Kulladal-Domino 17-3
Team Pergamon-Domino 16-4
Kulladal-Sundbyberg 11-9

Top two, Kulladal and Sundbyberg, advance to the final.

Final (best of 3):
Sundbyberg-Kulladal 10-10, 11-4

All results of men´s first round are available at http://bits.swebowl.se/Standings.aspx?DivisionId=300&SeasonId=2009&LeagueId=1&LevelId=1&CupGroup=301

Men´s final is available at http://bits.swebowl.se/Standings.aspx?DivisionId=300&SeasonId=2009&LeagueId=1&LevelId=1&CupGroup=201

Ladies, first round:
Spader Dam-Pollux 15-5
Pollux-Team X-Calibur 4-16
Team X-Calibur-Spader Dam 13-7
Pollux-Spader Dam 9-11
Team X-Calibur-Pollux 15-5
Spader Dam-Team X-Calibur 9-10

Top two, Team X-Calibur and Spader Dam, advance to the final.

Final (best of 3):
Spader Dam-Team X-Calibur 10-10, 11-4

All results from ladies first round on http://bits.swebowl.se/Standings.aspx?DivisionId=321&SeasonId=2009&LeagueId=2&LevelId=1&CupGroup=301

Ladies final on http://bits.swebowl.se/Standings.aspx?DivisionId=321&SeasonId=2009&LeagueId=2&LevelId=1&CupGroup=201

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