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Sweden: James Gruffman and Sandra Andersson wins national championship titles

18 APR 2012 12:53
James Gruffman and Sandra Andersson captured the men´s and women´s individual titles in the 2012 Swedish Elite National Championship which concluded at the Baltic Bowling Center in Malmö during the Easter weekend.
  • Skapad: 18 APR 2012 12:53

The championship was played on four (men) and three (women) different lane patterns. The patterns used were the WTBA championship patterns.
24-year-old lefthander James Gruffman is a player who already has caught the eye of national team coach Tomas Leandersson. Gruffman has had an outstanding year and also won the Swedish World cup ranking and will represent Sweden in two international events later this year; The AMFQubica World cup and the European Champions cup.
“I think I am ready for the next step and I will probably compete in some of the European tournaments later this year”, James said.

During the championship finals, Gruffman was an early pace-setter. He was in fourth place after the first six games, he was leading after the second step and used a 1495 six game performance on the long pattern (Paris, 47 feet) to widen his lead.
After 24 games, averaging 237.16, he was well ahed of the pack coming into the Round Robin match play (8 games). Gruffman slowed down a little bit but was never really challenged and secured the national title ahead of runner-up Kim Bolleby while the bronze medal went to Hafthor Hardarson, who has Icelandic citizenship but lives permanently in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The women´s finals were dominated by some of the many young talented girls who have been coming through lately.
Sandra Andersson became the youngest ever national champion, aged 17, three years ago. Now she won her second national title in style as she dominated on the long lane pattern (Paris) which was used during the Round Robin match play.
“I felt confident that I could score on the long pattern. We have learned how to attack these longer patterns, using the ball speed, the choice of balls and making the moves at the right time,” Sandra said.
Sandra has improved her game a lot recently and her focus on international competition has resulted in winning her first title on the European Tour (Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament in Holland), she was runner-up in the World Bowling Tour finals and finished third in the 2011 AMFQubica World cup in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Behind Sandra, 19-year-old Isabelle Hultin took the silver medal while former European Masters Champion Helén Johnsson used a strong finish to secure third place.

Results at Baltic Bowling Center in Malmö:
Men 32 games total (including bonus pins):
1/ James Gruffman, Wåxnäs BC, 7586
2/ Kim Bolleby, Team Pergamon, 7518
3/ Hafthor Hardarson, Team Pergamon, 7503
4/ Glenn Morten Pedersen, Full House Engelholm, 7397
5/ Dennis Johansson, Falkenberg, 7375
6/ Karl Wahlgren, Göta, 7343
7/ Magnus Johnson Jr, Sundbyberg, 7214
8/ Lars Lindbäck, Nobel 7077

Women, 26 games total:
1/ Sandra Andersson, Spader Dam, 5797
2/ Isabelle Hultin, Bågen, 5623
3/ Helén Johnsson, Göta, 5555
4/ Anna Mattsson-Baard, Karlskrona BK, 5542
5/ Nina Flack, Team X-Calibur, 5503
6/ Katrin Fahlström, Hammarby, 5458
7/ Rebecka Larsen Jr, Team X-Calibur, 5297
8/ Joline Persson-Planefors, Team X-Calibur, 5261

All results available at http://www.elit2012.bowlingsm.se/dynamic/start.asp

Attached photos:

1/ James Gruffman, men´s national champion
2/ Sandra Andersson, women´s national champion
3/ Men´s medalists (left to right): Kim Bolleby, James Gruffman and Hafthor Hardarson.
4/ Women´s medalists (left to right): Isabelle Hultin, Sandra Andersson and Helén Johnsson.


Contributed by Hans Karlsson, press officer, Swedish Bowling Federation

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