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Patrick Bohm, Joline Persson-Planefors wins Swedish 2011 National Championships

Patrick Bohm and Joline Persson-Planefors captured the men´s and women´s individual titles in the 2011 Swedish National Championship which concluded at Vårby Bowling Center outside Stockholm last weekend.

Top-seeded Bohm defeated former triple World Champion Anders Öhman 452-402 to win his first national championship. Persson-Planefors was No. 2 seed for the stepladder, but had no problem taking down Victoria Johansson 447-391 in the title match.

23-year-old Patrick Bohm is the youngest men´s champion since the late 1980s and he is a player who already has caught the eye of national team coach Tomas Leandersson. Bohm also won his first title on the Swedish Super Six Tour last September at Jönköping and is now looking for international competition.
“I think I am ready for the next step and I will probably compete in some of the European tournaments later this year”, Patrick said.

During the national championship finals, Bohm was an early pace-setter. He was in third place after the first step, he was leading after the second step and finished the first day after 16 games as runner-up. During the round robin seven games which led up to the stepladder, he pulled away from the pack during the last three games and finished as the No. 1 seed.
Joining him in the stepladder were Erik Andersin and Anders Öhman.
In the first match over two games total pinfall, Öhman outlasted Andersin by 434-356.
In the title match Patrick Bohm opened with eight strikes and never looked back. He took the first game by 263-211 and kept control during the second game to win it by 452-402.

The women´s finals were a display of the many young talented girls who has been coming through lately. Six players among the top 8 were under 21 years of age.
20-year-old Joline Persson-Planefors played in the Swedish national youth team in 2008 and 2009, then made it into the women´s national team last year and has continued her development on the European Bowling Tour where she is currently second in the women´s ranking.

During the national championship finals, she was constantly among top 3 and managed to finish after 17 games as the No. 2 seed. Victoria Johansson finished with games of 236 and 270 to claim the top-seed position for the stepladder.
Joining them were veteran Kristina Nordenson, who took the third position by one point ahead of Sandra Andersson.
In the first match in the stepladder, Persson-Planefors took over in the second game where she shot 235 and won by a decisive margin, 425-365.
“I had an advantage with the fresh oil. During all the earlier steps, I was more comfortable during the first games. So it made me feel secure”, said Joline.
She kept her striking touch in the first game of the title match where she shot 237 and took the lead by 43 pins. In the second game Victoria tried to get closer, but couldn´t find the strikes she needed. Joline controlled the game and won by 447-391.

Men´s finals (two games total pinfall):
Anders Öhman-Erik Andersin 436-356 (225-153, 211-203)
Patrick Bohm-Öhman 452-402 (263-211, 189-191)

Women´s finals (two games total pinfall)
Joline Persson-Planefors-Kristina Nordenson 425-365 (190-191, 235-174)

Persson-Planefors-Victoria Johansson 447-391 (237-194, 210-197)

All results are available on www.bowlingsm.se

Contributed by Hans Karlsson, press officer, Swedish Bowling Federation
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