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Nyköping Super Bowl: Tomas Leandersson wins his third Super Six title in twelve months

Tomas Leandersson came from behind to claim his third victory within the last twelve months on the Swedish Super Six Tour. In the Nyköping Super Bowl, Tomas defeated his Team Pergamon teammate, Kim Bolleby, in the title match, 242-224.
It was an emotional win for Leandersson. He dedicated it to his father Arne, who passed away about one month ago.
“My dad started the first bowling club in my hometown Degerfors in 1969, and it was he who introduced me to bowling. I was thinking about him all the time and this victory was for him”, Tomas said.

During the earlier rounds of the final, Kim Bolleby took charge and after nine games he was the number 1 seed with an average of 238. Joining Bolleby in the stepladder final were Dennis Johansson, Karl Wahlgren and Tomas Leandersson.
The first two matches in the stepladder followed a similar outline. Leandersson took an early lead, but was unable to close out his opponents. First it was Karl Wahlgren and later Dennis Johansson who needed to strike in the last frame to defeat Tomas. But neither of them could get the job done when it really counted. Instead, Tomas Leandersson could escape with narrow wins. He defeated Wahlgren 233-231 and Johansson 238-222 to set up the title match with Kim Bolleby.

It was a close game to start with, but when Tomas threw four strikes in a row in frames 6-9, he took control. Kim Bolleby countered with three strikes of his own in frames 8, 9 and 10 to put pressure on Tomas, who was last to play. Working on his four-bagger, Tomas needed another strike in the tenth frame to secure the victory, and he delivered as he has done on so many other occasions. After two more strikes, his winning score was 242-224.

It was also a record sixth straight stepladder final on the Super Six Tour for Tomas. As the Super Six Tour will be discontinued after twelve years, this was Leandersson´s last appearance on the tour. He will not take part in the last tour stop in Malmö in December. By then he will be playing in the QubicaAMF World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa.
“It will be my first World Cup appearance since I won in Lisbon eleven years ago. I am really looking forward to participating in Johannesburg as I played the World Cup there in 1993 in the very same bowling center and finished second,” Tomas said.

As the coach for the Swedish men´s national team, Leandersson was also pleased to see the strong performance of Kim Bolleby. The 20-year-old lefthander has stabilized his game and will be a strong challenger for a spot on the national team.
“This runner-up position means a lot to me. It was an acknowledgement of all the work I have done during the last twelve months. It gives me a lot of energy to continue my efforts in bowling,” Kim said.

Final standings, Nyköping Super Six Tournament:
1/ Tomas Leandersson, Sweden    40 000 SEK
2/ Kim Bolleby, Sweden                    25 000 SEK
3/ Dennis Johansson, Sweden       15 000 SEK
4/ Karl Wahlgren, Sweden               10 000 SEK
5/ Martin Paulsson, Sweden            8 000 SEK
6/ Rebecka Larsen Jr, Sweden         8 000 SEK
7/ Daniel Strömberg, Sweden        8 000 SEK
8/ Tore Torgersen, Norway             8 000 SEK

Leandersson-Wahlgren 233-231
Leandersson-Johansson 238-222
Leandersson-Bolleby 242-224

All results are available at http://www.supersix2011.superbowlnykoping.se/dynamic/start.asp