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Jesper Svensson: front page story

17 JAN 2017 12:37
Almost exactly one year after becoming Rookie of the Year on the PBA tour Swedish bowler Jesper Svensson became Rookie of the year at the Swedish Sports Awards and shared the stage with Olympic gold medal winners.
  • Uppdaterad: 17 JAN 2017 13:12

Yesterday evening at the annual Swedish Sports Award Jesper Svensson won the Rookie of the year award or as it is called in Swedish: Årets nykomling or Lilla Bragdguldet. At the live televised black tie gala, the 21-year-old two handed player got up on stage to accept the award in front of million of television viewers. 

Jesper Svensson front page story in Svenska DagbladetThe tournament of Champions winner was chosen by a jury from the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and beat the Swedish Footballer Victor Nilsson Lindelöf; World champion Thai-boxer Patricia Axling and the talented skier Ebba Andersson on his way to the prize which is awarded to a young up and coming athlete.

Among the other notable winners on the Swedish Sports Award gala were the Olympic gold winner Sarah Sjöström, who also shared a table at the dinner with the young Swedish bowler, and the golfer and British Open-champion Henrik Stenson.

This is the first time that a Swedish bowler has received an award at this, the biggest Swedish stage in sports, and brought sports bowling to the front page of newspapers. 

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