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The Swedish Super Six Tour closes down after 12 years

13 DEC 2011 09:42
Finnish two-handed star Osku Palermaa won the final stop of the Swedish Super Six Tour 2011, defeating the number 1 seed James Gruffman, 246-204, in the title match at Baltiska Bowlinghallen in Malmö.
  • Skapad: 13 DEC 2011 09:42

It was also a historical victory as the Super Six Tour will close down after more than twelve years. The first tournament took place in Norrtälje in August of 1999 and the final stop in Malmö was the 72nd tournament. Super Six has seen many years of competition on the highest international level and the winner’s list include the likes of Tim Mack and Bill Hoffman of the United States, Mika Koivuniemi, Kimmo Lehtonen and Lasse Lintilä of Finland and Tore Torgersen of Norway to mention a few.
During the 72 tournaments there have been 48 different champions. Home favourite Tomas Leandersson won six times while Tim Mack and Swedish stand-outs Anders Öhman and Martin Larsen won four times each.

In Malmö, 24-year-old lefthander James Gruffman dominated the earlier stages of the finals. During the nine games before the step ladder, Gruffman just couldn´t stop striking and he averaged 257.11.
Osku Palermaa didn´t start  the finals in a convincing manner, but found his striking touch during the last two games of final step 2. With games of 279 and 231, Osku was able to climb to 8th place and secure a spot among the top 9 advancing to step 3.
“I was throwing the ball too fast. When I slowed down the speed and played it a little softer, I was able to carry,” Osku said.

He continued to rise during the final three games with 249, 278 and 213. Gruffman, of course, was out of reach, but Palermaa managed to take second place. Joining Gruffman and Palermaa in the stepladder final were Mikael Kanold and 18-year-old Markus Jansson.
In the stepladder, Osku entered in the second game against Mikael Kanold, who had opened with an impressive win, 249-193, against Markus Jansson.
It was a close game between Palermaa and Kanold, which was decided when Osku struck out in the last frame and won it by 238-228.

In the title match Osku was in the driver´s seat early on as James Gruffman was struggling to knock down all ten pins. Osku concluded with a six-bagger to win convincingly, 246-204.
“It was my second win on the Super Six tour. I think I have played between 20 and 30 Super Six stops and I am satisfied with my statistics when it comes to reaching the top 4. Maybe I did it once in every fourth tournament; it is not easy to win out here,” said Osku, who lives in Gothenburg and commonly plays for Team Pergamon in the Swedish league.
With this victory he concluded a very successful year that included three wins on the European Tour and a PBA championship (PBA World Championship).

Final standings, Super Six 2011 Malmö:
1/ Osku Palermaa, Finland           40 000 SEK
2/ James Gruffman, Sweden        25 000 SEK
3/ Mikael Kanold, Sweden            15 000 SEK
4/ Markus Jansson, Sweden          10 000 SEK
5/ Mattias Ohlsson, Sweden          8 000 SEK
6/ Magnus Johnson Jr, Sweden      8 000 SEK
7/ Dennis Eklund, Sweden               8 000 SEK
8/ Rebecka Larsen Jr, Sweden         8 000 SEK

Kanold defeats Jansson 249-193
Palermaa defeats Kanold 238-228
Palermaa defeats Gruffman 246-204

All results are available at http://www.supersix2011.kulladalsbs.se/dynamic/start.asp

Attached photos:
1/ Stepladder finalists (left to right): Mikael Kanold, James Gruffman, Osku Palermaa and Markus Jansson.
2/ Osku Palermaa with the winner´s trophy.

Report by Hans Karlsson, press officer, Swedish Bowling Federation

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