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Martin Larsen wins second Super Six stop 2010

Martin Larsen is back in the winner´s circle after defeating Team Pergamon team mate Tomas Leandersson in the title match of the second Super Six stop 2010.

The final match at the brand new 18 lane center at Arena Skövde was a one-sided story. Leandersson opened in both the first and fifth frames while Larsen started with a spare and a four-bagger to run away with the victory, 247-180.
“I have narrowly missed to many cuts recently. Although my low level has been high, I have not been able to play well enough in the final steps of the tournaments. That´s why this win is huge for me,” said Martin.

 Tournament champion Martin Larsen

Larsen seemed comfortable on the WTBA long oil pattern “Tokyo” which was used in this tournament.
“The Super Six organizers have decided to use the WTBA lane patterns this year and we are very happy with that. It gives us national team players an important opportunity to have a better preparation for the World Championship in Münich later this year,” Martin Larsen said.
Four players qualified for the stepladder. In the first match 21-year old Mattias Wetterberg defeated Malin Glendert, the tournament´s best female player, 198-172. In the second match Larsen was in total control as he opened with seven strikes to put away Wetterberg, 232-155.
“I had two good games in the step ladder, including a couple of lucky strikes, “ said Martin.

For Tomas Leandersson, also the coach of the Swedish men´s national team, Larsen´s showing was a positive sign.
“More important than the win was that Martin played very good bowling all weekend. We have a seven month preparation period for our team before the World Championship and we are right on schedule”, Tomas said.

Final results at O´Learys Tournament Skövde 2010:
1/ Martin Larsen    40 000 SEK
2/ Tomas Leandersson  25 000 SEK
3/ Mattias Wetterberg   15 000 SEK
4/ Malin Glendert   10 000 SEK
5/ Tobias Karlsson  8 000 SEK
6/ Martin Paulsson  8 000 SEK
7/ Kristoffer Hagelberg  8 000 SEK
8/ Per Jansson   8 000 SEK

Step ladder:
Wetterberg def. Glendert 198-172
Larsen def. Wetterberg 232-155
Larsen def. Leandersson 247-180

Step ladder finalists: Mattias Wetterberg, Tomas Leandersson, Martin Larsen och Malin Glendert.

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