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Bowlers with over 9 million views on YouTube

21 SEP 2019 07:00
The two American PBA-stars Brad Miller and Kyle Sherman has over 40 000 subscribers on the internet site YouTube. - The internet is larger than anyone of us expected ten years ago, says Brad Miller.
  • Skapad: 21 SEP 2019 07:00

Brad Miller, ranked 15th in the world by World Bowling, and Kyle Sherman, who recently won his first PBA-title, are two of bowling’s most recognized faces. Not just because of what they do on the lanes, but a lot because of their YouTube-channel that a friend of them suggested start to chronicle their journey on the PBA tour.
- At first it was weird because when you are in public place and you’re holding a camera in your face, people are looking at you all weird. What are they doing? You are attracting attention to yourself. But the really cool thing that has happened, we went through like six months, to a year, of that, awkwardness, but now the people have seen the growth of it and the beauty of it, what it can do, for us personally and for the sport as a whole, says Brad Miller.

The bowlers who travel with the PBA Tour, sort of, becomes a family. On the lanes they want to beat each other, but off the lanes they go to dinner, clubs, and hang out. And when the “family members” saw what happened on YouTube the camera wasn’t as awkward anymore.
- Now when we have the camera fired up they like to join in, and now people love to be a part of it. And people other the Kyle and I, our friends, are popular personalities on the Vlog. And it's exactly what we want. We can be the front and center of it all day, that's fine, but there is only so much me and him can do and talk about. The beauty of it is when the majority on the player pool, our friends or whatever, and the world start to see their personalities and can see our comradery, our friendship and how hard we work, says Brad Miller.

The 29-year-old from Missouri, USA, recently was in Sweden to play the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters and of course, chronicled the journey and tournament for YouTube. At the moment the “Brad & Kyle”-channel are at, almost, 43 000 subscribers.
-  It started off slow, it took us a year to get to 3000 subscribers, a year and a half later we are at 41 000. So it was an extremely slow start, and we didn't know what it would be. It might not have been anything. And now we are sitter here looking at it like "wow, we are really glad we did this" because it has really taken off, says Brad Miller.

In total the “Brad & Kyle”-channel has got more then 6,2 million views since it’s start, and Brad Miller is certain that, if the sport of bowling wants to reach more people, the Internet is the answer.
- The internet is larger than anyone of us expected ten years ago, probably. It's crazy. The PBA fights for TV-rights, they just signed a deal with Fox and had a deal with ESPN, to be on national television. But each show gets 250 000 - 400 000 views. There are people on the internet who get ten times that on a daily basis, on a daily basis! Says Brad Miller and continues:
- There are basically two avenues, the internet and television. The internet is trumping television, and it's going to just continue doing that. Many people don't have cable anymore because people can watch Netflix or, apps on the internet. The internet is going to be the place where it's at, it already is, and it's just going to continue to be like that, he says.

On their YouTube-channel the American bowlers upload “Vlogs” from their journeys and competitions, but also instructional videos and ball reviews. De aim to upload content regularly, and sharing it on social media, since that it the most important, according to Brad Miller.
- The people who are becoming really successful in the world right now are people who are doing really good at social media. One of the most important things when it comes to social media, and just growing your brand in general, is just consistency. Are you consistently, putting out content for the viewer to see, he asks.

Since the speed of the modern digital world is so high Brad Miller says that the content you upload doesn’t have to be perfect. In the beginning of their YouTube-career, they scrapped material that didn’t live up to their standards, but now the 29-year old says it’s not as important.
- Everything is so quick nowadays, it's so instant, if you need something to do you can just get on your phone and look at Instagram. People just want something to do all the time, so if you're giving then to do all the time, something to watch, something to read, they will respect you for it. Even if it's something they know didn't take you two weeks to make, he says.

After two years on YouTube “Brad & Kyle” have reached almost 43 000 subscribers and over 6 million views. If they continue this growth the will be sitting good in a few years. But regardless the two pro-bowlers will be able to look back at this with joy.
- We didn't know it at the beginning but documenting our journey, we are going to look back, 10, 15 years and think, I am so glad we did that. When we get older, we are going to look back on it and be happy we did it, says Brad Miller, pro bowler and YouTube celebrity.

Skribent: Markus Hegnelius
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