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VBS Super Star

Making a start in the AIK Tournament in January, the new Super Sixxxxxx tour begins. At all the six tour stops during 2011, points are stored in a barometer (men and women) where the top 40 players (including final play) will get points like:

  • Place 1 - 50p
  • Place 2 - 45p
  • Place 3 - 41p
  • Place 4 - 38p
  • Place 5 - 36p
  • Place 6-40 - 35p minus place (6:th - 35p counting down to 40:th - 1p)

At equal points:

1. The most best places in the six tour stops counts.
2. At the same there as well count the highest placing in the barometer first.
3. Then count the second, third, fourth and fifth places in the barometer.
4. If it´s still equal count the highest places in the tournaments where there where none point where taken.

The six (6) players with best score in the barometer, where at least one of them is a female*, plays a Shoot Out final in Stockholm, in January 2012. The winner gets 25.000 SEK and the other finalists 5.000 SEK each.

There is also an extra price from VBS Bowling to the two best females in the barometer, 5.000 to the winner and 3.000 to the first runner up.

All pricemoney in SEK.
All taxes to be paid by the winners.

Current standing in the barometer will be updated after each tour stop.

*If a female is not one of the top six players the best female will play in the final with the five best players.

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