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Tour format

  • Qualification 6 games american with change of lane after each round
  • 3-6 players/one pair of lanes (Nyköping 4-6)
  • 40 players to the final (36 highest results from the qualification, 2 players from Early Bird and 2 players from the Turbo)*
Re-Entry: 3 st Re-Entry allowed
Early Bird: The two highest results, in addition to the rest of the qualification squads, are qualified for the finals
Turbo 1 & 2: Besides the qualification squads, it’s also possible to qualify to the finals through the Turbo. The highest score in game 5 and 6 sends two players to the finals. Scores from players already qualified to the finals are automatically removed. This means that the score required to qualify from the Turbo both can go up and down during the course of the tournament.

Turbo 1 refers to the highest score in game 5 while Turbo 2 refers to the highest score in game 6. Ladies have the normal HCP, but the score can never exceed 300. In the event that two players have the same Turbo score, the previous game is used to separate the players.

Registration for the Turbo should be done at check-in and payment, which has to be done before game start. Participating is optional and tied to each squad, which means that players can choose for which squads they want to participate in the Turbo.

Ladies: Handicap 8 points per game
Entry fees: 900:- SEK / Early Bird 700:- SEK / Re-Entry 700:- SEK / Turbo 50:- SEK
Round 1

  • 32 players - place 9 to 40 from the from the qualification round
  • 6 games american with change of lane after each round
  • 16 highest results qualifies to the next round
Round 2
  • 24 players - place 1 to 16 from the from "round 1" and place 1-8 from the qualification round
  • 6 games american with change of lane after each round (from schratch)
  • 9 highest results qualifies to the next round
Quarter finals:
  • 9 players
  • 3 games american with change of lane after each round
  • 3 players/one pair of lanes
  • Score from "round 2" is added to the score
Semi finals:
  • 4 players
  • Step 1: 4th place vs 3rd place plays 1 game american
  • Step 2: winner of Step 1 vs 2nd place plays 1 game american
Final: 1st place from Quarter Finals vs winner of Semi-finals plays 1 game american
Equal score: The following applies for two players with equal score:
  • In the qualifying games: The highest last game
  • In the finals: Roll-off
* The results are ranked as followed - qualifying results, Early Bird and Turbo


Additional game rules


The tournaments are sanctioned by Swedish Bowling federation and ETBF as a WTBA tournament. The playing rules of the above mentioned, plus the following rules will govern the tournaments.




Open to all players. All players must be a current member of a national bowling association.


All players must register at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled bowling time. Players who have not registered as above will be replaced by the next reserve or player will not get refund of entry-fee.


Cancellation rules Super Sixxxxxx

As of the 6th of January 2008, the following cancellation rules applies to tour stops in Super Sixxxxx.

Cancellation more than three weeks before first start

Cancellation of one or more starts can take place prior to three weeks before first start free of charge. No reason for the cancellation needs to be specified. First start means the first of the tour stop, not the first entered by the player.

Cancellation between three weeks and 24 hours before first start

If a cancellation of one or more starts occur between three weeks and 24 hours before first start, the player will be charged a cancellation fee of SEK 300 per start.

Cancellation of two starts means SEK 600 while one start means SEK 300.

Cancellation less than 24 hours before first start

If a player cancels one or more start less than 24 hours before first start, the current registration fee for each cancelled start will be charged. This rule applies to both ordinary starts and re-entries.

No show

A player who fails to show up without cancellation will be charged full registration fee for each start entered by the player. All starts entered by the player will be cancelled.

Re-entry cancellations

A re-entry can, free of charge, be cancelled after the first start. Re-entry cancellation must occur no later than one hour before start. The above rules applies to other re-entry cancellation rules.

Exemptions from billing

Players with medical or exceptional reasons may be exempted from charge. This is evaluated on a case by case basis by the tournament management.

Unregulated debt

A player with outstanding debt is refused to participate in all the tour stops in the Super Sixxxxxx tour until the debt is settled.


Appeals must be made to Super Sixxxxxx Bowling AB.


No player will be permitted to smoke in the bowling area. Smoking will be permitted in a restricted place.


Any player who may, in the opinion of the Tournament Referee, be under the influence of alcohol at any time during the course of bowling will be disqualified.


Whilst bowling all players must wear tidy bowling attire with their individual name on the shirt. If a player wears a sponsor shirt, his or hers name appear on the back. Tournament Management determines the atypical cases.


Regarding Slow Bowling, see WTBA Playing Rules, rule 319.


Regarding Disputes, see WTBA Playing Rules, rule 123.


Any protest must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Management within 30 minutes of the game in which the fraction occurred. The fee for the protest is USD 20.


Altering the surface of a bowling ball while bowling in sanctioned competition is prohibited. This doesn't apply to the warm up.


Errors in scoring or errors in calculation must be corrected by a responsible tournament official immediately upon discovery of such error. Questionable errors shall be decided upon by the designated official. The limit for filing protests on scoring errors shall be one hour from the end of the event or block of games for each day of tournament, but must be before the prize presentation or the commencement of the next round (in an elimination event), whichever is the sooner. Each protest under this rule must be specific in itself and this rule shall not be construed to cover a previous or similar violation.


The Tournament Manager and the Tournament Referees decision on all matter shall be final, subject to any appeal to the WTBA.

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