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Sweden: Karl Wahlgren wins Super Star shoot out

10 JAN 2012 15:55
Swedish national team player Karl Wahlgren won the shoot-out with 8 strikes (out of 10) and became the final VBS Super Star of the Swedish Super Six Tour. Wahlgren collected 25 000 SEK (app. 3 800 USD) for the win.
  • Uppdaterad: 10 JAN 2012 15:56

The top six players plus the best female player on the Super Six ranking 2011 had qualified for the shoot-out which took place immediately after the final of the AIK International Tournament at Bowl-O-Rama, Stockholm.

Each player was given nine opportunities to strike. After eight frames there were four players with six strikes, namely Tomas Leandersson, Rebecka Larsen Jr, Martin Paulsson and Karl Wahlgren. Only Larsen Jr and Wahlgren were able to strike on their ninth ball and therefore it went to a roll-off.
On the tenth ball Wahlgren felled all the pins while Larsen Jr couldn´t strike.

Results, VBS Super Star, shoot out at Bowl-O-Rama, Stockholm:
1/ Karl Wahlgren, Sweden,  8 strikes          25 000 SEK
2/ Rebecka Larsen Jr, Sweden,  7 strikes     5 000 SEK
3/ Tomas Leandersson, Sweden, 6 strikes   5 000 SEK
3/ Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 6 strikes       5 000 SEK
5/ Martin Larsen, Sweden, 4 strikes            5 000 SEK
6/ James Gruffman, Sweden, 3 strikes        5 000 SEK
7/ Tobias Karlsson, Sweden, 2 strikes          5 000 SEK

Skribent: Hans Karlsson


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